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permanent jewelry

What is permanent jewelry?

Does permanent jewelry hurt?

What materials do you use?

What are your prices?

How long does it take?

How does sizing work?

How many pieces can I get within one appointment?

Can I hire you for my next event or private party?

Can I book an appointment?

What is your cancellation policy?

Do you offer repairs or adjustments?

Can I go through airport security with my jewelry?

Can I get an X-Ray or MRI with a permanent jewelry?

What happens if I need to remove my jewelry?

What is your Infinity Link warranty?

Do you offer gift certificates?

Who should not get permanent jewelry?

I'm a minor. Can I get a piece of permanent jewelry?

Can I bring my own chain?

Do you only offer bracelets?

How many people can you see under one appointment?

What if I change my mind?

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